Twitter universe in action on the weekend – courtesy of Sam Gagner and the Super bowl

It was one thing to get up to the second updates on Sam Gagner’s eight point game against Chicago on Thursday February 2nd but when he picked up right where he left off on Saturday night with two goals and three points in the first period of Edmonton’s game against Detroit the twitter world just exploded with commentary, questions re the records he was challenging and the players who held those previous marks.

Sam Gagner is the son of Dave Gagner who played more than 900 games in the NHL registering 719 points.  Father Dave had a spectacular run during the 1991 playoffs helping the Minnesota Northstars make the finals, losing to the Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins.  Gagner recorded 27 points in 23 playoff games which is outstanding. He was in the midst of back-to-back 40 goal seasons so the young fella comes by the scoring honestly, albeit maybe not eight points in a game honestly.

As his consecutive point totals grew I informed the twitter world that if I recalled correctly Peter Stastny held the two game total in NHL history of 14 points. I remember researching that stat and checking through all of the summaries of the players who had eight point games and of course Darryl Sittler, before and after his ten point game. That anniversary of that scoring outburst is tomorrow by the way. The date was February 7, 1976. It was later posted on twitter that Peter’s brother Anton was in on that action also with 14 points in the same two games. That in fact is incorrect. Anton only had 13 points. Both were members of the Quebec Nordiques. The amazing thing about those two games is they were games seven and eight of an eight game road trip Quebec were on. Game seven was February 20, 1981 and the Nordiques won 9-3 over Vancouver.  Peter Stastny recorded 3g and 3a…his brother Anton had a hat trick also and two assists.  Their next game, two nights later in Washington the Stastny’s combined for sixteen points, Peter with 4g and 4a, Anton with 3g and 5a in the Nordiques 11-7, fight filled victory over the Capitals.  Just an amazing story that frankly is really not getting the recognition it deserves. 

The next stat was the consecutive points mark. This one I also knew but not from researching it myself. I recalled from an NHL press release that came out at the time that Jaromir Jagr was the record holder for being in on the most consecutive goals for his team. I thought the mark was twelve straight goals he either scored or was assisted on. I gave that tidbit of info to Kevin Gibson from TSN Research and he took care of the rest finding out that in fact it was fifteen straight goals Jagr was in on over seven games for the Pittsburgh Penguins, apparently all losses on top of that which is a great anecdote to the story.

As we now know, Gagner fell short of that record and the Stastny mark but it was amazing to watch the twitter world light up like it did over this accomplishment.  Gagner scored in the shootout against Detroit, how appropriate and that goal plus the eventual winner by rookie RNH as he’s being referred to, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins helped the Oilers to a win over the Detroit Red Wings. I was thinking how that kind of reminded me of the night Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe’s record for most career points with a late goal against Edmonton on October 15, 1989. That was point number 1,851 ( same number as the time of Wayne’s first NHL goal by the way and ten years + a day later – but I digress)  Point number 1852 for Wayne was the OT winner for the LA Kings in that same game. Sam Gagner was two months and five days old when Wayne scored those historic points.

Following along on twitter for the Super bowl

I don’t profess to be a huge football fan but I love the playoffs in the NFL, there usually are some great games. I thought the Super bowl was a decent game, so much drama at the end with the ‘allowed’ touchdown, watching two marquee QB’s go at it, the pressure leading to dropped balls, all of the anxiety and top performances you’d expect in a game of that magnitude. But nothing exploded like the twitter world during and immediately following the half-time show by Madonna.  I would say ¾ of all responses were just hammering her.  Here are a couple of them;

‘Great that Madonna changed the words to that song, ‘I’m sixty and I know it….’    

  Madonna, you were great- Dog the Bounty Hunter

Madonna and I have something in common, neither of us has sung at half-time of a Super bowl.

And on it went. Very funny. I have to say, I’m really enjoying twitter. If you’ve accessed this blog from facebook and you are thinking of jumping on twitter, I whole heartedly encourage it. If nothing else you can pick people to follow from whatever your favourite genre is and undoubtedly if nothing else, gleam information and quickly not to mention it’s a tremendous source of entertainment.  Highly recommended. 


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